Alfa Medical Co., Ltd. achieved 360% funding at Wadiz.

DR. NL 2021-10-26 17:09 조회수 아이콘 1653

Demand for Derma cosmetics, which was recently released based on expert advice, is increasing.

Derma Cosmetics is a combination of Dermatology, which means skin science, and Cosmetics, which means cosmetics, and refers to cosmetics made after consulting experts such as doctors and pharmacists.

Among them, Alfa Medical Co., Ltd. has recently achieved 360% of Wadiz Funding, releasing a variety of highly concentrated active cosmetics consisting of its special ingredients through collaboration with international Swiss doctor Nikolaus Linde. 

DR. NL products introduced by Wadiz Funding include "Vitamin C 14% Serum," "Firming Serum," and "Ceramide 4% Cream," and DR. NL products are also sold at Nicolaus Linde's Swiss branch.

An official from the company said, "We will be responsible for all processes from the design and development stage of DR. NL products to sample testing, stability evaluation, contract progress, production and packaging, final quality inspection, and delivery."

Recently, DR. NL have been opened and sold at Naver smart store.  You can find various products and prices through the online store.